Lua in pairs

lua in pairs –Table is the table to iterate through –Index is the current index –Value is the value at the current index for index, value in pairs(table) do end

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What is a trigger in sql

what is a trigger in sql — Azure SQL Database Syntax — Trigger on an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement to a table or view (DML Trigger) CREATE [ OR ALTER ] TRIGGER [ schema_name . ]trigger_name ON { table | view } [ WITH <dml_trigger_option> [ ,…n ] ] { FOR | AFTER | […]

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Sqlite make primary key

sqlite make primary key # SQLite -> //if the primary key has only one column, //you use the PRIMARY KEY column constraint //to define the primary key as follows: CREATE TABLE table_name( column_1 INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, … ); // in case primary key consists of two or //more columns, you use the PRIMARY […]

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Sql upsert

sql upsert update table1 set name = ‘val2’, itemname = ‘val3’, itemcatName = ‘val4’, itemQty = ‘val5’ where id = ‘val1’ if @@ROWCOUNT = 0 insert into table1(id, name, itemname, itemcatName, itemQty) values(‘val1’, ‘val2’, ‘val3’, ‘val4’, ‘val5’)

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