W3schools sql in operator

sql not in SQL NOT IN operator is used to filter the result if the values that are mentioned as part of the IN operator is not satisfied. Let’s discuss in detail about SQL NOT IN operator. Syntax: SELECT Column(s) FROM table_name WHERE Column NOT IN (value1, value2… valueN); in sql SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name […]

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Sqlite3 create table from another table

create table sqlite CREATE TABLE [IF NOT EXISTS] [schema_name].table_name ( column_1 data_type PRIMARY KEY, column_2 data_type NOT NULL, column_3 data_type DEFAULT 0, table_constraints ) [WITHOUT ROWID]; python sqlite3 create table if not exists CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS some_table (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, …); sqlite3 create table from another table UPDATE Table1 set Name=(select […]

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Sql syntax

sql syntax select [all/distinct] <col1>, <col2>, <col3> from <table_name> [join <join_condition>] [where <condition>] [group by <column_name>] [having <search_condition>] [order by <sort_specification>] /* Specifically for SQL -> Oracle LEGEND: […] : optional entries <…> : your specific entry */</sort_specification></search_condition></column_name></condition></join_condition></table_name></col3></col2></col1>

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