Sqlite3 get data from table c

sqlite3 get data from table c #include <stdio.h> #include <string> using std::string; #include <sstream> using std::stringstream; #include “sqlite3.h” bool find_employee(int _id) { bool found = false; sqlite3* db; sqlite3_stmt* stmt; stringstream ss; // create sql statement string // if _id is not 0, search for id, otherwise print all IDs // this can also be […]

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Sql stored procedure

sql create stored procedure —————————————————————————————————- — MySQL (scroll down for Oracle) — example CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE select_employees() BEGIN select * from employees limit 1000; END; — Reset the delimiter /* syntax: CREATE PROCEDURE <your-procedure-name>(<argument1><argument2>…<argumentn>) BEGIN <code-that-stored-procedure-executes>; END; */ —————————————————————————————————- — Oracle — EXAMPLE CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE select_employees() BEGIN select * from employees limit […]

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Sql server group by concatenate

sql server group by concatenate CREATE TABLE #YourTable ([ID] INT, [Name] CHAR(1), [Value] INT) INSERT INTO #YourTable ([ID],[Name],[Value]) VALUES (1,’A’,4) INSERT INTO #YourTable ([ID],[Name],[Value]) VALUES (1,’B’,8) INSERT INTO #YourTable ([ID],[Name],[Value]) VALUES (2,’C’,9) SELECT [ID], STUFF(( SELECT ‘, ‘ + [Name] + ‘:’ + CAST([Value] AS VARCHAR(MAX)) FROM #YourTable WHERE (ID = Results.ID) FOR XML PATH(”),TYPE).value(‘(./text())[1]’,’VARCHAR(MAX)’) […]

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Sql not equal

sql not equal <> Not equal. Note: In some versions of SQL this operator may be written as != Example sql query: 1) Selecting groceries where price is not 20 SELECT * FROM Grocery WHERE Price <> 20; not equal operator sql <> Not Equal != Not Equal

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Sql left characters

sql left characters — For Oracle only — syntax SUBSTR(<main-string>,1,<number-of-characters>) — example SUBSTR(‘Useless stuff’,1,10) — OUTPUT: Useless st — practical example SELECT SUBSTR(‘Useless stuff’,1,10) FROM DUAL;</number-of-characters></main-string>

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Sql joins in python

SQL joins in python This was What I intended  ID Case NxtCase  1    A          2    C          3    E       This is my desired result  ID Case NxtCase  1    A        B  2    C        D  3 […]

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Sql group by sum

sql group by sum // Use SQL Group By clause after the Where clause // Any column in the select list must either be in the Group By clause // or part of an agregation statement, like the Sum() statement // Multiple columns can be included in the Group By Clause seperated by a comma […]

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Sql create stored procedure

create proc IF OBJECT_ID ( ‘Production.uspGetList’, ‘P’ ) IS NOT NULL DROP PROCEDURE Production.uspGetList; GO CREATE PROCEDURE Production.uspGetList @Product varchar(40) , @MaxPrice money , @ComparePrice money OUTPUT , @ListPrice money OUT AS SET NOCOUNT ON; SELECT p.[Name] AS Product, p.ListPrice AS ‘List Price’ FROM Production.Product AS p JOIN Production.ProductSubcategory AS s ON p.ProductSubcategoryID = s.ProductSubcategoryID […]

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