Table lua

table lua a = {} x = “y” a[x] = 10 — put 10 in field “y” print(a[x]) –> 10 — value of field “y” print(a.x) –> nil — value of field “x” (undefined) print(a.y) –> 10 — value of field “y”

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LUA function truth() print(“Lua is my favorite language”) end lua Hey grepper devs, can you add lua as an option to use when you answer things? LUA Lua is cool lua Lua is an dynamic typed program language that is much used for applications and games.

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Cami functions gmod

CAMI functions gmod CAMI.UsergroupInherits(usergroupName1 :: string, usergroupName2 :: string) :: bool CAMI.InheritanceRoot(usergroupName) :: string CAMI.RegisterUsergroup(usergroup :: CAMI_USERGROUP, source :: any) :: CAMI_USERGROUP CAMI.UnregisterUsergroup(name :: string, source :: any) :: bool CAMI.GetUsergroup(usergroupName :: string) :: CAMI_USERGROUP CAMI.RegisterPrivilege(privilege :: CAMI_PRIVILEGE) :: CAMI_PRIVILEGE CAMI.UnregisterPrivilege(name :: string) :: bool CAMI.GetPrivilege(name :: string) :: CAMI_PRIVILEGE CAMI.PlayerHasAccess(actor :: Player, privilege :: […]

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What is union in sql

what is union in sql UNION: COMBINES THE RESULT OF 2 QUERY AND REMOVES DUPLICATE ROWS AND SORTS BY FIRST COLUMN sql union Combines the results from 2 or more SELECT statements and returns only distinct values. Example: Returns the cities from the events and subscribers tables. SELECT city FROM events UNION SELECT city from […]

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