Tool script example for lua

Tool script example for lua local Tool = script.Parent –Put This Script “INSIDE” Your Tool Tool.Activated:Connect(function() print(“You Clicked Me”) end) Tool.Deactivated:Connect(function() print(“The Tool Got UnEquiped : D”) end) Tool.Equipped:Connect(function() print(“Thanks For Equiping me!”) end) –Officially Made By Rigby#9052 on Discord

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Evaluator for binary classification

Evaluator for binary classification # Evaluator for binary classification from import Vectors scoreAndLabels = map(lambda x: (Vectors.dense( [1.0 – x[0], x[0]]), x[1]), [ (0.1, 0.0), (0.1, 1.0), (0.4, 0.0), (0.6, 0.0), (0.6, 1.0), (0.6, 1.0), (0.8, 1.0)]) dataset = spark.createDataFrame(scoreAndLabels, [“raw”, “label”]) # … evaluator = BinaryClassificationEvaluator(rawPredictionCol=”raw”) evaluator.evaluate(dataset) # 0.70… evaluator.evaluate(dataset, {evaluator.metricName: “areaUnderPR”}) # […]

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Where keyword sql

where keyword sql Where clause basically returns only true conditions Select First_Name From Customers Where ID = 1905Cimbom; sql where keyword Filters results to only include data which meets the given condition. Example: Returns orders with a quantity of more than 1 item. SELECT * FROM orders WHERE quantity > 1;

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Update oracle

update oracle UPDATE T_NAME SET PARAM_1=23, PARAM_2=true WHERE PARAM_7= ‘something’ pls sql update UPDATE table SET column1 = expression1, column2 = expression2, … column_n = expression_n [WHERE conditions];

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