Lua syntax cheat sheet

lua syntax cheat sheet chunk ::= {stat [`;´]} [laststat [`;´]] block ::= chunk stat ::= varlist `=´ explist | functioncall | do block end | while exp do block end | repeat block until exp | if exp then block {elseif exp then block} [else block] end | for Name `=´ exp `,´ exp [`,´ […]

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Lua slow walk script

Lua Slow walk script speed = 12 –Defualt Speed is “16” function onPlayerRespawned(character) wait(1) –Lodaing Delay local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(character) local human = character:findFirstChild(“Humanoid”) if player ~= nil and human ~= nil then human.WalkSpeed = speed end end game.Workspace.ChildAdded:connect(onPlayerRespawned) –A Script By Rigby#9052 on Discord

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What is truncate in sql

truncate table TRUNCATE TABLE Categories; what is truncate in sql DELETE – -DML COMMAND -Delete Rows from the table one by one -We can use where clause with Delete to delete single row -Delete is slower than truncate -ROLLBACK is possible with DELETE DROP- -DDL COMMAND -Delete the entire structure or schema -We can’t use […]

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