Sql date functions

sql date functions ADDDATE Add a date interval (eg: 10 DAY) to a date (eg: 20/01/20) and return the result (eg: 20/01/30). ADDTIME Add a time interval (eg: 02:00) to a time or datetime (05:00) and return the result (07:00). CURDATE Get the current date. CURRENT_DATE Same as CURDATE. CURRENT_TIME Get the current time. CURRENT_ […]

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Lua in pairs

lua in pairs –Table is the table to iterate through –Index is the current index –Value is the value at the current index for index, value in pairs(table) do end

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What is a trigger in sql

what is a trigger in sql — Azure SQL Database Syntax — Trigger on an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement to a table or view (DML Trigger) CREATE [ OR ALTER ] TRIGGER [ schema_name . ]trigger_name ON { table | view } [ WITH <dml_trigger_option> [ ,…n ] ] { FOR | AFTER | […]

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