Os.date lua

os.date lua –Get’s the current time –Examples print (os.date (“%x”)) –> 25/04/07 print (os.date (“%c”)) –> 25/04/07 10:10:05 print (os.date (“%A, %m %B %Y”)) –> Wednesday, 04 April 2007 t = os.date (“*t”) –> produces a table like this: t.sec=18 t.min=13 t.hour=10 t.day=25 t.month=4 t.year=2007 t.wday=4 t.yday=115 t.isdst=false

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Object oriented programming

object oriented programming // OOP is a programming paradigm found in many languages today. // Generally, an object is an instance of a Class. // Here’s a Java example: public class Car { private double speed; public Car(double initialSpeed) // Constructor, most common way to initialize objects of a class. { speed = initialSpeed; } […]

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Minetest lua delay

minetest lua delay — example of using delay in minetest function examplefunction() minetest.chat_send_all(“This message is 5 seconds late from before.”) end minetest.chat_send_all(“This message has been triggered from something”) minestest.after(5, examplefunction)

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Luas uses

luas uses Lua is a powerful and fast programming language that is easy to learn and use and to embed into your application. Lua is designed to be a lightweight embeddable scripting language. It is used for all sorts of applications, from games to web applications and image processing. — Used commonly in Roblox, Garry’s […]

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