Sql vs nosql

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nosql vs sql

A SQL Database follows a table like structure which can have an
unlimited number of rows and every data present inside the database
is properly structured with Predefined Schemas, it is basically used
to manipulate Relational Databases Management Systems.
A NoSQL Database is a Distributed Database where the data is very
unstructured with Dynamic Schema. Unlike SQL it cannot have unlimited
rows but it follows a Standard Schema Definition and can store all
sorts of data models with large distributed data in the form of
key-value pairs, graph databases, documents or wide-column stores.

sql vs nosql

SQL pronounced as "S-Q-L" or as "See-Quel" is primarily called RDBMS or Relational Databases whereas NoSQL is a Non-relational or Distributed Database.
SQL databases are table based databases whereas NoSQL databases can be document based, key-value pairs, graph databases.
SQL databases are vertically scalable while NoSQL databases are horizontally scalable.
SQL databases have a predefined schema whereas NoSQL databases use dynamic schema for unstructured data.
SQL requires specialized DB hardware for better performance while NoSQL uses commodity hardware.*/

difference between nosql and sql

relational | non-relational
use structured query | NoSQL databases have
language and have a | dynamic schemas for
predefined schema. | unstructured data.
are vertically scalable | are horizontally scalable.
are table based | are document, key-value,
| graph or wide-column stores.
are better for multi-row| are better for unstructured
transactions | data like documents or JSON.

This article is tagged with: Sql vs nosql and mysql